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We have had to cease as a company for the present and near future. Look around the web as there are other options still available and the teardrops and tiny trailers forum is an excellent source of information on how to build your own.


It is time to change the size, price, complexity, and dynamics of the RV industry, and MicroCampers has the product to do just that. Our new genre of camper matches the small family, hunter, traveling couple, and occasional weekender with a model that is environmentally friendly, towing efficient, and extremely economical.

MicroCampers will add a new category to the travel trailer industry, as well as provide you with a camping experience that no existing manufacturer currently provides at 50-60% of the standard price. 

We are changing the old standards of moving the bulky camper with difficulty in setup and tear-down and having to choose among campers with more maintenance and towing requirements and higher prices. With MicroCampers, you will have an affordable camper with the comfort and amenities previously found only in the higher tier models.